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How can technology impact society positively?

We gave a lecture at SENAC Paraná, talking about the app and how students can use technology to impact society positively in the future...

Curitiba duo creates app that assists in the routine of autistic children.

We made it to the cover of "Relaxante" magazine and gave an interview to Tribuna Paraná!


The Fun Routine app helps individuals with autism in their daily lives.

We participated in an interview for Acontece Paraná, from Band!

Curitiba residents create app to assist in the routine of individuals with autism

Two residents of Curitiba have developed an application to facilitate day-to-day activities...

The application helps manage the routine of children with autism.

Those who have a family member with autism know: following a routine is...

Fun Routine App Review

Children with disabilities, such as autistic people, have difficulty completing...