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Fun Routine is completely customizable, simple, educational, and of course, fun!

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More than an app, Fun Routine was born out of the need of a family who, upon realizing the challenges faced by their autistic child, decided to create a solution to assist them in their daily development and improve their social inclusion.

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Routines and Tasks


Starting with the main function of the app, the routines. It is possible to create, organize, and schedule the tasks that the child needs to accomplish each day of the week, ensuring that all activities are carried out in a simple and enjoyable manner.

  • Reminders: Notify when tasks need to be completed, helping the child stay focused and disciplined.

  • Reinforcer: When the task is completed, the app celebrates with the child, encouraging them to continue performing the activities!


Love goals and challenges?

Fun Routine has a reward methodology that makes the child's experience more exciting. Each task has a predefined number of stars, and when the child completes it, they earn those stars which can be exchanged for rewards, making the experience even more thrilling!

A little more about the rewards:

  • Acts as a daily reinforcer and incentive.

  • Fosters commitment!

  • Fully customizable and gamified experience.



Learning is fun too!

With visual and auditory communication, children can easily learn words, express their feelings and needs through images associated with sounds.

It is a playful and effective way to improve communication and language development. The cards can be customized with your own images and sounds, helping with socialization and making the experience even more fun and personalized.

Parental Control

Settings and Management

Full control over all app activities. Here, you can create all routines, tasks, rewards, and customizations, as well as track the child's progress and development.

Access to reports and management of everything in one place, providing more organization and convenience in daily monitoring. Try it now and experience the transformation of your family's routine!


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